MyPhotostream isn't working as expected? Note: iPhoto must be installed on your Mac, next to the new Photos app, and Photo Stream needs to be enabled in the iPhoto settings. Don't worry, we are here to help. If you would like to contact us, feel free to write us an email! Alternatively you can also write us an iMessage: .

Buying MyPhotostream / Licenses

Getting a license to unlock your 30-days trial is easy. MyPhotostream is sold via Paddle. Unlock the app from within the app within one minute.

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I lost my license!

No worries. A lot for license related problems can be solved if you follow the advice in the Help section on If you have chosen to create a account during the buying process, please log into to view your license in your Locker. Also, try to look up the confirmation email sent by when you bought the product, which should contain the license code. If you are unable to find the license, send us an email including your email address and your name you have used to purchase a license.

Can I get a promo code for an app review?

Sure, simply get in contact with us and mention your blog or site.

Why is MyPhotostream not available in the Mac App Store?

Due to API restrictions, MyPhotostream currently does not meet Apple's strict requirements for Mac App Store applications.


What is a Photo Stream?

Photo Stream is Apple's way of managing your mobile photos you shoot with your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Once enabled on all your devices in your iCloud settings, these photos will be available on each device within Apple's photo management apps. On iOS devices, you would use the Photos app, on OS X devices, you would usually use iPhoto. However, over time iPhoto can become slow and simply too heavy to be the optimal app to access your Photo Stream photos. This is where MyPhotostream comes in: a lightweight app dedicated to your Photo Stream photos only.

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Will MyPhotostream work with the new iCloud Photo Library?

MyPhotostream has been specifically built to view your Photo Stream, which is something different to iCloud Photo Library. If you choose to only use iCloud Photo Library on your iOS device(s), MyPhotostream probably will not work. However, you can activate both features (Photo Stream and iCloud photo library) at the same time on your iOS devices. MyPhotostream then will work as expected.

UPDATE: Do not remove iPhoto from your Mac after after updating to the newest OS X (10.10.3). You need to start iPhoto once and re-enable "My Photo Stream" in the iPhoto preferences. This will re-download all Photo Stream photos to your Mac. Have a cup of tea, this takes some time. After a while, they will appear in MyPhotostream as well. MyPhotostream only works if iPhoto is installed.

Do I need to have iPhoto or Aperture installed to use MyPhotostream?

Yes, you do need to have installed at least one of a recent version of these apps. iPhoto comes with every new Mac and can be installed for free via the Mac AppStore. After having installed of the two apps, configure your Photo Stream in the System Preferences or in the respective app once. Afterwards, you no will longer need to actually open iPhoto or Aperture to see your current Photo Stream contents.

Can I upload photos to my Photo Stream using MyPhotostream?

No, MyPhotostream is a readonly window to your Photo Stream. You will only be able to download or copy photos from your Photo Stream to your Mac.

How to uninstall MyPhotostream?

Simply drag the app to the trash. Make sure there are no other copies named "", "MyPhotostream" or something similar on your Mac. This will ensure that the background process will stop posting notifications and uninstall itself as well. You can also delete the Folder "~/Library/Application Support/MyPhotostream" if you feel comfortable with altering your Library folder.

Can I see shared Photo Streams with MyPhotostream?

No, MyPhotostream is dedicated to your main Photo Stream, that is, it only shows your most recent photos of your Photo Stream, but no shared Photo Streams.

My photos are out of order!

Please reset your MyPhotostream by clicking Reset MyPhotostream in the main menu. This will rebuilt the internal database and sort the photos again. You will not loose any photo by resetting the app.

Are photos of my Photo Stream copied to my Mac automatically over time?

No, MyPhotostream shows only the current content of your Photo Stream, that is, up to 1000* photos. However you can select multiple photos at once and copy them to your Mac either by dragging them to a certain folder (e.g., your Desktop) or by clicking the Download icon, which copies the photo to your Downloads folder.
* — this is Apple's restriction.

How long does it take for a photo I just shot to appear in MyPhotostream?

The delay depends on your internet connection performance. Usually, the photo should appear within ~30 seconds, however it can take up to several minutes. You will receive a notification in your Notification Center once new photos are available.

MyPhotostream only shows JPG file icons instead of the actual photos.

In very rare cases, MyPhotostream is not allowed to read your Photo Stream photos. We are investigating this issue. It might help to temporarily disable Photo Stream in your iCloud settings and switch them on again, so that all photos will be re-downloaded from scratch.

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